NEFROSEPT liquid 280ml urine infection


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  • Urine infection. The indications for use of the product Nefrosept are: chronic urinary tract infections, inflammation of the urinary tract, urolithiasis.
The product is ethanol extract liquid (the ratio of raw material / extract 1: 2) with a mixture of herbs: Uvae ursi folium (bearberry leaf) 10cz., Solidaginis herba (goldenrod herb common) 6cz. The content in the formulation hydroquinone derivatives based on arbutin is not less than 1.5% of flavonoids quercetin based on - no less than 0.1%. The product contains 50% ethanol. Nefrosept a herbal medicine used to treat urinary tract infections. The preparation has detoxifying properties and bactericidal. The content of the active substances is the highest among all available drugs.
Dosage: Adults: 4 times a day 10 ml, with some water.