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NeilMed Sinus Rinse nasal douche

NeilMed Pharma GmbH

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NeilMed Sinus Rinse nasal douche with 60 salt bags

Pack size:1 p Dosage form:salt

The NeilMed nasal douche is a medical product for nasal rinsing with salt water, a tried and tested procedure recommended by doctors worldwide. The flushing rinses out pollen, superfluous nasal mucus, scabs, germs as well as dust and dirt particles.

Highly recommended NeilMed Sinus Rinse nasal douche help with:

• cold symptoms, nasal congestion
• allergic nasal symptoms such as hay fever
• After staying in particularly dry, dusty or smoky conditions
• nasal irritation
• In consultation with the doctor after surgery of the nose and sinuses

application NeilMed Sinus Rinse nasal douche

Fill the bottle with 240 ml (marking line) water at body temperature. Fill the bottle with a sachet of nasal rinsing salt and seal it. Swirl the bottle until the salt has completely dissolved. Stand or sit comfortably over a hand basin. Hold the tip of the bottle against one nostril and gently press down on the bottle. The salt water rinses the nose and then drains out the other nostril.

If you keep your mouth wide open while rinsing, the water cannot get into the throat area.

So that even small residues of the saline solution can run off, it is advisable to turn your head over the sink a few times to the right and left after washing. After that, you can gently and gently blow your nose out.

The nasal rinse can be used once or several times a day, depending on the situation and the degree of discomfort, or as recommended by your doctor. If you have hay fever, it makes sense to rinse your nose in the evening to free the nasal passages of pollen deposits.

NeilMed Sinus Rinse nasal douche Tips:
• Do not rinse your nose with pure water (without salt), this can irritate the nasal mucous membranes.
• Do not use sea salt or table salt, these salts can contain impurities or additives and auxiliary substances.
• The NeilMed nasal rinsing salt is a salt combination in the purest medicinal quality and contains a patented combination of sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate. This means that there are almost no discomfort or abnormal sensations when rinsing the nose.
• If you have an existing ear infection or a completely blocked nose, you should not use a nasal rinse.
• If you have recently had an operation on your ears or sinuses, consult your doctor before rinsing your nose.
• For reasons of hygiene, a nasal douche should only be used by the same person.

Cleaning the nasal douche NeilMed Sinus Rinse nasal douche

It is important to keep the irrigation bottle clean. Please check the bottle, the bottle attachment with the hose carefully for cracks and color changes - if there are signs of wear, damage or permanent color changes, please replace the bottle.

1. To clean, use a few drops of washing-up liquid and fill the bottle with warm water.
2. Screw the tip with the hose back onto the bottle, keep the opening closed with your finger and shake the bottle vigorously.
3. Squeeze the bottle and empty the cleaning water through the hose with the bottle tip - empty the bottle completely.
4. Rinse the bottle again with clean water and let the bottle air dry.

You can also place the bottle and all parts in the microwave for 40 seconds after cleaning. This means that the nasal douche is almost sterile.

We do NOT recommend cleaning the nasal douche in the dishwasher, as the water jets cannot penetrate the inside of the bottle or the tube.