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NENEDENT-baby toothpaste without fluoride dental care set

Dentinox Society for Pharmaceutical Preparations

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NENEDENT-baby toothpaste without fluoride dental care set

Pack size:20mlDosage form:toothpaste

nenedent®-baby toothpaste without fluoride is ideal for getting your baby used to regular dental care quickly and easily. All ingredients are precisely dosed and tailored to the needs of the baby. 

The xylitol it contains has a proven caries-inhibiting effect, the silica gel gently cleans the not yet hardened tooth enamel of fresh baby teeth with a particularly mild abrasion value (RDA approx. 25). A neutral pH value protects the sensitive oral flora. Even using it during a homeopathic treatment is no problem, as nenedent®-baby does not contain menthol or other essential oils.

With every nenedent®-baby toothpaste you also receive a practical silicone thimble toothbrush. You can use these to care for your baby's teeth while gently massaging irritated gums. In this way, you can naturally support and facilitate the eruption of additional teeth.

Product advantages:

  • No fluoride
  • 13% xylitol
  • Silica gel as a cleaning agent (RDA 25)
  • Neutral pH
  • Free of menthol, compatible with homeopathy
  • Baby-friendly taste
  • Free from sodium lauryl sulfate, saccharin and preservatives