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Neo angin x 24 tabl. lozenges sugar free, sore throat

Divapharma GMBH

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Neo angin x 24 tabl. lozenges sugar free, sore throat

  • Neo angin Sore throat. Neo-angin drug in the form of tablets, lozenges sugar recommended to treat inflammations of the mouth and throat, extending from the symptoms, such as sore throat, redness, swelling in adults.

Neo angin Composition:

Neo angin The active substances are: 2,4-dichlorobenzyl alcohol, amylmetacresol and left-menthol. One lozenge contains 1.2 mg 2,4-dichlorobenzyl alcohol, 0.6 mg and 5.9 mg amylmetacresol lewomentolu.

Neo anginThe other ingredients: oil of anise, peppermint oil, sucrose, glucose syrup, tartaric acid, cochineal red A (E 124).

Neo angin Each tablet contains 1.14 g of glucose and 1.42 g of sucrose.This should be taken into account in patients with diabetes.

Neo angin Action:
Neo-angin tablets without sugar for use in catarrhal diseases of the mouth. Exhibit antiseptic and assist in the treatment of bacterial and viral infections of the mouth.
Neo-angin without sugar works fast, is well tolerated and has a pleasant taste.

Neo angin Indications:
Prevention and treatment of inflammatory conditions of the mouth, pharynx; colds, hoarseness, difficulty in swallowing, tonsillitis, oral mucositis, gingivitis, inflammation of the throat and larynx.

Do not use in young children (under 6 years of age).

Dosage and method of use:
Unless otherwise indicated, is administered to adults and older children tablet every 2-3 hours, slowly sucking.

Note for diabetics:
1 lozenge neo-angin sugar-sweetened lycasin corresponds to 0.22 carbohydrate units. Lycasin is metabolised by insulin.

Neo angin x 24 tabl. lozenges sugar free, sore throat