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NEO BALLISTOL home remedies

Hager Pharma GmbH

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NEO BALLISTOL home remedies

Dosage form:liquid

Neo Ballistol home remedies

have been a successful helper in every household for over 80 years.

• For rubbing and massaging
• Regenerates, relaxes and revitalizes stressed skin and keeps it healthy
• Ideal for wound aftercare
• Relieves itching
• Promotes blood circulation when massaged in
• Helps against varicose veins, circulatory problems, joint problems and osteoarthritis
• Dry, brittle and flaky skin becomes soft and elastic
• Effective against calluses and nail breakage
• Nourishes the skin after shaving
• Made from plant-based active ingredients and medically pure white oil
• Contains many effective essential oils (including peppermint oil, anise oil) and rice oil (rich in vitamin E)
• Free from synthetic fragrances, Dyes and preservatives
• Suitable for sensitive skin, also recommended for neurodermatitis
• Clinically tested, also prevents bedsores
• Dermatologically and allergologically tested with “Very Good” 

NEO BALLISTOL home remedies