NEO FITOROID ointment 40ml, hemorrhoid cream


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NEO FITOROID ointment 40ml, hemorrhoid cream

  • NEO FITOROID Rectal ointment soothing hemorrhoidal ailments. A medical device of the latest generation useful in the treatment of hemorrhoids anus (internal hemorrhoids and external) and anal fissure.

Ointment Neo Fitoroid due to the content of carefully selected vegetable matter is action moisturizing, protective and refreshing. Due to its softening effect, among others, it helps in the prevention of venous stasis and skin irritation in the anal area, and contributes to the relief of pain, itching and burning. Ointment Fitoroid thanks to its composition creates a friendly environment for the growth of microorganisms that play action needed protection.


NEO FITOROID ointment 40ml, hemorrhoid cream is a synergy of plant extracts:

Helydol patented freeze-dried extract (permit patent n.MI2006A000063), more than 30-fold concentration of the lipophilic fraction derived from inflorescences immortelle. Aboca chose special grade Everlasting, Helichrysum italicum (Roth) Don Var. Hypercreso NHF1 due to the high content of active substances.
The freeze-dried root extract Ruszczyk on activities supporting the microcirculation obtained from the root of butcher's broom allows for the inclusion of the maximum amount of plant components without the addition of any bulking agents.
Dehydrated gel from the leaves of aloe vera to ensure maximum effect of the gel of aloe and its soothing, fresh gel from aloe leaves is subjected to dehydration. This technology enables a 200-fold concentration of plant chemicals contained in fresh gel.


In addition Fitoroid hemorrhoid cream includes:

Oil of St. John's wort, obtained by maceration dziarwaca inflorescence of sunflower oil, rich in vegetable ingredients.Oil Jojoba, Shea Butter feature of these two oils from the seeds of action is moisturizing and protective, so also have been specially selected to act in a synergistic manner. Essential oils of mint and cypress that bring relief to irritated places.


NEO FITOROID ointment 40ml, hemorrhoid cream Dosage:

Screw the right cannula for rectal tube with ointment, and applied if necessary. The product should be used after they have been emptied and thoroughly washing the affected area disorder. For prophylactic in terms of irritation caused by friction, treatment should be applied before flushing remembered that after defecation also use the product. The treatment can be repeated up to 4 times a day. After use, unscrew the cannula, well clean it and close the tube of ointment. After applying the ointment Fitoroid usually does not cause discomfort or pain. After opening the product, it is recommended to consume it within 4 months