NEO-TORMENTIOL ointment 20g wound healing, wound care

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  • NEO-TORMENTIOL is a preparation for topical use, which has astringent and anti-inflammatory. It works by stimulating the healing process of wounds and granulation.

100 g of ointment contains 20 g of zinc oxide, 2 g ammonium sulfobituminianu, 1 g borax, 8 g of tincture of rhizomes pięciornika and excipients: anhydrous lanolin, petrolatum yellow, ethyl.

The preparation belongs to the broad category of complex products intended for local use. It contains ingredients responsible for the astringent and anti-inflammatory ointment. In addition, they stimulate the process of wound healing and granulation. In addition, the formulation has a drying effect.

- allergic to ingredients
- damaged skin in infants or newborns

It is recommended to use the product in case of difficult to heal cuts and wounds ziarnujących small.

Apply externally by applying a small amount of ointment in pathologically changed, repeating the action several times a day.