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NEOFLEXIN ESSENTIAL COMPLEX Proven effective in inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the joints and musculoskeletal system / joints, cartilage, tendons and connective tissues /.

NEOFLEXIN ESSENTIAL COMPLEX Shown in the following disorders, conditions and diseases:

-Acute and chronic inflammation of the joints - arthritis;

-Degenerative joint processes - arthrosis (coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis);

-Strigidity and pain in the joints and spine;

-Injuries to joints, bones and tendons;


Combination of special dry extracts of New Zealand green-lipped mussel (Perna Canalicilus), white willow bark (Salix Alba), hydrolyzed collagen type II (Chicken Collagen type II Hydrolized), brown seaweed (Fucus Vesiculosus), L-methionine ), vitamin E (Tocopheryl acetate 50%), selenium yeast (0.2%) (Selenium Yeast) and vitamin B6 (Pyrodoxin HCL).
Inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the joints and musculoskeletal system cover a large number of diseases such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, injuries to joints, tendons and others, affect millions of people worldwide and are one of the leading causes of disability. It is here that the use of preparations such as NEOFLEXIN, containing special nutrients in order to prevent inflammation and slow down the destructive processes in the joint apparatus, is crucial.
NEOFLEXIN is a complex product that purposefully has a physiological effect on the entire musculoskeletal system in diseases, disorders or disease states of joints, bones, tendons and connective tissue. The nutrients contained in the main ingredients of the complex participate in the construction of articular cartilage, promote the synthesis of synovial fluid, contribute to bone strength. They have a strong antioxidant effect.
The therapeutic effect of the dry extract of New Zealand green-lipped mussels included in the preparation is mainly due to the glucosamine glycans (GAG) and omega-3 fatty acids contained in it.. Numerous studies have proven the anti-inflammatory effect of omega-3 fatty acids. Their concentration is 25% in the composition of the dry extract. They complement drug therapy and have a positive effect on the course of the disease. Green-lipped mussel extract contains lipids in a ratio that favorably affects the course of the inflammatory process. In addition to omega-3 fatty acids, which are cyclooxygenase inhibitors, mussels contain a high percentage of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) , which covalently bind to proteins to form proteoglycans (PGs).. Glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans are the main constituents of the organic substance of cartilage tissue. The natural GAGs in green-lipped mussel extract help to better structurally remodel (form proteoglycans) the affected joints.
Due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, confirmed in the treatment of arthrosis and arthritis, NEOPHLEXIN also includes a dry extract of white willow bark.(containing 25% salicin). This natural salicin is absorbed by the body and oxidized in the liver to salicylic acid. Its great advantage over other preparations that contain synthetic salicylic acid is that it does not irritate the stomach and mucous membranes. It blocks the synthesis of prostaglandins by inhibiting the enzymes cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase. In addition to the known action of salicylic acid in the natural extract of white willow bark, there are other active substances that reduce the pain syndrome.
The high efficiency of the preparation is achieved with the participation of hydrolyzed collagen type IIin its composition. This type of collagen is extracted from 100% pure hormone-free chicken sternum - its richest natural source. Only hydrolyzed type II collagen can provide the body with the standardized levels of glycoproteins that help reduce oxidative damage to the joints and are important for maintaining healthy cartilage.
The hydrolyzed form of type II collagen has a very high rate of absorption (about 90%) , which is of paramount importance for maintaining healthy and functioning cartilage. Type II collagen is also rich in proteins (65%), containing the amino acids hydroxylin and hydroxypolin. Proteins potentiate the action of glucosamine and chondroitin contained in collagen (20% in its composition)at the same time they are due to the property of collagen to inhibit the enzymes that cause the degeneration of articular cartilage.
Hydrolyzed collagen type II is a natural source of hyaluronic acid (~ 10%), which supports the recovery of hyaline cartilage, stimulates the growth and metabolism of chondrocytes, reduces their apoptosis, stimulates the synthesis of cartilage matrix components. Hyaluronic acid is responsible for the elastic properties of the joint fluid, acts as a lubricant, anti-inflammatory, chondroprotective and participates in the delivery of nutrients to the articular cartilage. Inhibits cartilage destruction by inhibiting proteinase activity and inflammatory synovial response activity.
All components of type II collagen have a very high rate of absorption - up to 90% resorption in the gastrointestinal tract.
The various components of hydrolyzed collagen type II have many protective benefits: they protect cartilage from proteolytic enzymes; reduce the destruction of chondrocytes to reduce inflammation; support the synthesis of new cartilage; increase the production of hyaluronic acid, which "lubricates" the joints; protect the cartilage surface from oxidative and enzymatic degradation; act as a powerful anti-inflammatory modulator.
The dry extract of brown seaweed included in the composition of the preparationcontains different amounts of trace elements - selenium, zinc, copper and minerals - calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. The high concentration of the amino acid glutamine is essential. It is also needed for the synthesis of glutathione. Glutathione peroxidase is one of the most important enzymes for overcoming oxidative stress in the body. Brown seaweed extract provides active ingredients that serve to regulate connective tissue metabolism.
The amino acid L-methionine , the trace element selenium together with vitamin E., which is one of the most important scavengers of radicals in the synovial fissures of the joints, form a complex mechanism acting to enhance the body's restorative capacity in terms of inflammatory processes. Vitamin E and selenium belong to the group of antioxidants along with vitamin C. They serve as protective factors in damage to joints and cartilage by aggressive free radicals, which have been identified as inflammatory mediators. Vitamin E also has a positive effect on the immune system. The trace element selenium is essential in the oxidative stress that is present in rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases. In patients with rheumatoid arthritis, there is a reduced concentration of selenium, which should be compensated. Selenium-containing yeast, as a natural source of selenium, has the advantage
Vitamin B6 is included in the composition of the product, because when supplementing with selenium, vitamin B6 must be added - it performs the function of a coenzyme in the synthesis of cysteine ​​in the metabolism of methionine. Vitamin B6 is a cofactor in many enzymatic metabolic processes.


  • Protects the structures of the entire musculoskeletal system, helps to preserve their functional activity and normal flow of connective tissue metabolism in cartilage and joints;
  • Regulates and stabilizes metabolism, increases the efficiency of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Serves to supply the joints with nutrients (New Zealand green-lipped mussels, brown seaweed), minerals and antioxidants (selenium, vitamin E, vitamin B6), has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects (white willow bark extract);
  • Reduces changes in the extracellular matrix of the joints and slows down cellular apoptosis;
  • Improves quality of life.


3-4 capsules daily half an hour before meals.
After consulting a doctor, the doses can be increased.
The product can also be used for mild forms of degenerative changes in the tissues of the musculoskeletal system.
NEOFLEXIN is suitable for long-term use.