Neoprobio pessaries x 10 pcs


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  • Neoprobio pessaries a product which is due to the presence of lactic acid bacteria composition regulates the vaginal bacterial microflora, and protects against the development of vaginal infections.

1 globule contains about 109 CFU (not less than 107), or three billion live bacteria probiotic in a row Lactobacillale able to colonize the vagina. In addition, each globule comprises lactose, ascorbic acid, folic acid and neutral fat.

Neoprobio pessaries product which owes its activity levels of 3 unique strains of live lactic acid bacteria cultures. They contribute to regulate the composition of the natural bacterial flora. Clearly they block the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms. Lactose in formulation work prebiotic - a medium for lactic acid bacteria. Ascorbic acid tends to reduce the pH of vaginal fluid, restoring the proper environment for the growth of probiotic bacteria, while retransmission prevent infection. Folic acid participates in the reconstruction process of the vaginal epithelium. Neoprobio pessaries are intended for topical application.

- Hypersensitivity to product components

Use the product alternatively in order to prevent the occurrence of infections of the urogenital tract.

Use vaginally. As part of the treatment supportive treatment of infections of the reproductive tract to apply globules 1-2 / 24 (one in the morning and once in the evening before going to bed) for 10 days. The prophylactic use globule 1/24 (preferably before bedtime) for 5 days.