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NEORETIN Lightening Peel Pads

Derma Enzinger GmbH

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NEORETIN Lightening Peel Pads

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Neoretin Discrom Control Lightening Peel Pads

Suitable for all skin types. GET THE GLOW!

Highly effective complementary peeling system for an even and radiant complexion.
• To support all depigmenting treatments.
• For a clear and brightened skin tone
• Maximum effectiveness and maximum tolerability thanks to the patented Retinsphere Technology.
• 14% fruit acids remove old skin cells and ensure a healthy and fresh complexion.
• Kojic acid and citric acid ensure an even complexion.
• Vitamin C also has an antioxidant effect.

Main NEORETIN Lightening Peel Pads Ingredients:

Vitamin A Acid Ester; Vitamin A in glycospheres; kojic acid; Glycolic acid.

NEORETIN Lightening Peel Pads Application:

Move the pad over cleansed skin in circular movements, leave it on overnight and rinse with plenty of water the next morning. Pregnancy & breastfeeding: do not use.