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NEOSTRATA Glycolic Renewal Smoothing Lotion

Derma Enzinger GmbH

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NEOSTRATA Glycolic Renewal Smoothing Lotion 10 AHA

Pack size:200ml Dosage form:lotion


Neostrata Resurface Glycolic Renewal Smoothing Lotion

Light body lotion for daily care.
• with 10% AHA for normal/insensitive skin
• Has an antioxidant effect
• moisturizes
• ensures a smooth, fresh and radiant skin appearance
• Especially for AHA first-time users or to prepare for NeoStrata® Lotion Plus

Main NEOSTRATA Glycolic Renewal Smoothing Lotion ingredients:

8% glycolic acid → peels and builds healthy skin Skin cells on
2% citric acid → has an antioxidant effect and evens skin tone


NEOSTRATA Glycolic Renewal Smoothing Lotion:

Apply a walnut-sized amount or less to skin all over the body or affected areas and massage gently. Suitable for normal, insensitive skin. Also suitable for first-time AHA users. Combine exposed areas with a sufficiently high level of sun protection (HELIOCARE) during the day.