NEPOTIN 911 antiperspirant foot cream 100 ml.


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NEPOTIN 911 antiperspirant foot cream Contents:

Green tea extract, sage, linden, menthol, camphor, triclosan.

NEPOTIN 911 antiperspirant foot cream Act:

Antiperspirant for feet with deodorizing effect. For prevention against fungal diseases of the skin of the feet. Prevents intense sweating and prevents the appearance of unpleasant foot odor.
It has anti-inflammatory and dehydrating action and is suitable for both men and women. The triclosan included in the gel has antifungal and antibacterial affect. Menthol and camphor provide the necessary comfort for your feet throughout the day.

A way of use NEPOTIN 911 antiperspirant foot cream:

It is applied to the skin of the feet 1-2 times a day.