NERADIN, Turnera diffusa, damiana herb

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NERADIN, Turnera diffusa, sexual weakness, damiana herb

NERADIN ® tablets

Active ingredient: Turnera diffusa Trit. D4.

Homeopathic medicine for sexual weakness.

For NERADIN, Turnera diffusa, sexual weakness, damiana herb information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.
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NERADIN is an approved non-prescription drug for sexual weakness such as erectile dysfunction.

• Fights disorders of the sexual function, such as erectile dysfunction
• Works regardless of when it is taken
• Well tolerated and without known side effects or interactions

NERADIN (Turnera diffusa, damiana herb)owes its effectiveness to the medicinal plant Damiana and the active ingredient obtained from it, Turnera diffusa. According to the drug picture, the active ingredient starts in the genitourinary system and is used particularly successfully in cases of sexual weakness (e.g. erectile dysfunction). Erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction) is a known sexual function disorder in men and a common form of sexual weakness. In addition to biological and physiological changes with advancing age, erection problems can also be triggered by stress, pressure to perform or fear of failure, regardless of age. NERADIN (Turnera diffusa, damiana herb) supports men with sexual weakness such as erectile dysfunction.
Thanks to the natural active ingredient, NERADIN® (Turnera diffusa, damiana herb) is well tolerated, side effects or interactions are not known. The independent period of use of NERADIN enables spontaneity in sex life. Instructions for

NERADIN, (Turnera diffusa, damiana herb), sexual weakness use:
The recommended dose for adults is:
• In acute conditions every half to full hour, no more than 6 times a day 1 tablet.
Taking it for more than 1 week should only be done after consulting a homeopathically experienced doctor or therapist.
• In chronic forms 1 tablet 1 to 3 times a day.
If the symptoms improve, the frequency of use should be reduced.

The tablets are taken with or without food and with sufficient liquid.