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NERVOMIX SEN x 20 capsules, sleep disorders


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  • Sleep disorders Nervomix, is a dietary supplement whose formula is based on natural ingredients, known and respected for its properties relaxing, calming and facilitate sleep. It includes the lemon balm, hops and jasmine flower.

1 capsule: L-theanine 100 mg, extract of lemon balm 100 mg extract of jasmine flowers 35 mg, extract of hops 35 mg.

Action: Nervomix, the preparation, which in a natural and subtle way - calms, soothes and tones nerves before falling asleep, and affect the good quality of sleep. It contains a complex of specially selected natural ingredients, among which we find extracts of: lemon balm which soothes nervous tension, hops that make it easier to fall asleep and extract of jasmine flowers on a relaxing effect. Moreover, the preparation was enriched L-theanine, affecting the good work of the brain. The ingredients contained in the product make it easy to fall asleep, help calm and healthy sleep. Favorably affect the quality of sleep, bringing a feeling of rest.

Application: Nervomix dream, is recommended for people who have trouble sleeping. Recommended particularly during periods of nervous tension, irritability, fatigue.

Dosage: 1-2 capsules. Most preferably for about half an hour before bedtime.