Nervosol Dream x 20 tablets

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  • Nervosol Sen is the source of ingredients that are calming and relaxing. They bring comfort and reduce excessive nervous tension. They make it easier to fall asleep and improve sleep quality.

1 tablet. contains: Extract of hops 220 mg, Melissa leaf extract 150 mg, lavender flower extract 40 mg
Composition Total: Substance wypełniająca- microcrystalline cellulose, extract from the leaves of balm (Melissa officinalis) extract, hops (Humulus lupulus) extract, with a flower lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), substance wypełniająca- calcium hydrogen phosphate, coating constituents (polyethylene glycol, talc, polyvinyl alcohol, titanium dioxide: dye lakes indigo: coloring, yellow iron oxide: colorant), a substance przeciwzbrylająca- magnesium salts of fatty acids, substance przeciwzbrylająca- silicon dioxide.

Nervosol Sen is a food supplement characterized by complex natural composition. It contains extract from the leaves of lemon balm, which is often used in folk medicine as a sedative. Definitely it helps to reduce nervous tension and helps you fall asleep and improves the quality of sleep. Extract of hops strengthens the calming extract of lemon balm. It relaxes and relaxing. Lavender flower extract favorable effect on sleep quality. Calms and soothes the nerves. Nervosol Sen is in the form of tablets intended for oral administration.

- Hypersensitivity to the preparation Components

It is recommended to use the product in adults within the supplementation of ingredients that contribute to silencing the nerves and help you sleep.

For oral use. It is recommended to take the preparation at a dose of 1 tabl./24h 30 minutes before bedtime.