NERVOUS FOOD powder for dogs, cats 180 g

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NERVOUS FOOD powder for dogs, cats

Supplementary feed for relaxation for nervous, anxious and stress-prone dogs and cats

Stress is a perfectly normal alarm reaction of the body.

In addition to many other factors, inadequate feeding can also be a trigger for permanent stress.

There are a number of vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances from which, among other things, anxious, restless or easily irritable animals can benefit without experiencing the disadvantage of negatively influencing their wakefulness.

Due to the mild formula of nerve food , an effect can only be expected after approx. 8 days.

This time should be taken into account when feeding, especially in the case of impending situations that can have a negative effect on the animal's mood, such as long journeys, new surroundings or unfamiliar background noises.

Complementary feed for dogs and cats

NERVOUS FOOD powder for dogs, cats Composition:
Algae lime, malt sprouts, lemon balm leaves, peony root, St. John's wort, brewer's yeast

NERVOUS FOOD powder for dogs, cats Analytical components and contents:
crude protein 13.9%, crude fiber 9.2%, crude fat 1.7%, crude ash 31.1%, ash insoluble in hydrochloric acid 7%

NERVOUS FOOD powder for dogs, cats Feeding
recommendation : daily small dogs / cats 0.5 measuring spoon
medium dogs 0.75 measuring spoon
large dogs 1 measuring spoon

1 measuring spoon corresponds to approx. 5.5g

The feeding period is 30 - 60 days, longer if necessary.

The effect is largely eliminated again 8 days after the end of feeding.

This product is not suitable for aggressive animals.