Nervous system disorders, RYTESTHIN drops Röwo 576

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Nervous system disorders, RYTESTHIN drops Röwo 576 

Areas of application:
The areas of application are derived from the homeopathic drug pictures.
These include: Nervous disorders.

Nervous system disorders, RYTESTHIN drops Röwo 576 Composition:


10 g (equivalent to 10.7 ml) contain active medicinal ingredients:
Asa foetida D4 Dil. 0.5 g Myristica fragrans D4 dil. 0.5 g Valeriana officinalis D3 dil. 0.5 g Cinnamomum D4 Dil. 1.0 g lupulinum (HAB 34) D4 dil. 0.5 g [HAB, V. 4a, Ø with ethanol 86% (m/m)] Semecarpus anacardium D6 Dil. 0.5 g Strychnos ignatii D6 dil. 0.5 g of potassium bromatum D6 dil. 0.5g

The medicinally active ingredients Asa foetida D4 Dil., Myristica fragrans D4 Dil., Cinnamomum D4 Dil. and Lupulinum (HAB 34) D4 Dil. and the medicinally active ingredients Semecarpus anacardium D6 Dil., Strychnos ignatii D6 Dil. and Potassium bromatum D6 Dil. are each raised together over 2 levels.

The other ingredients are: ethanol, purified water.