NETTLE 99.8% juice with no preservatives 500ml, nettle juice


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  • Regular drinking the juice of the nettle strengthens, hardens and cleanses the body, complementing the deficiencies of minerals and vitamins.

nettle juice, citric acid (acidity regulator).

Nettle juice have the properties of increasing the level of hemoglobin and red blood cells in the body, therefore, it is indicated in anemia and general weakening of the body. Thanks to the content of vitamins and minerals can make up for small deficiencies of these components. It is indispensable in the treatment of kidney stones and other urinary tract diseases, as it has diuretic properties, and therefore supports the urinary excretion of chloride, urea and other waste products. For this reason, the drug is considered "cleaning the blood". It counteracts the retention of fluids in the body. It is also helpful in the treatment of gout. Contained in nettle compounds cleanse the digestive system, bile discharge deposits, with beneficial effects on the pancreas, liver and stomach. Nettle juice can be used in diseases of the liver, gastrointestinal tract, stomach and intestine catarrh, and diarrhea. It also works przeciwkrwotocznie, lowers blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. Nettle contains: · calcium, phosphorus, iron, sulfur, potassium, potassium, iodine, sodium · vitamins A, K, B2, C · amino compounds, tannic, pantothenic acid, an organic acid (formic acid, glycol, glycerol), essential oils, mineral salts, chlorophyll, serotonin, histamine, flavonoids, sterols, carotenoids.