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Nettle juice Schoenenberger

SALUS Pharma GmbH

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Nettle juice Schönenberger

For flushing the kidneys and bladder with kidney gravel; supportive treatment of rheumatic complaints

Schoenenberger medicinal plant juices are ...

the most natural form of administration of the fresh plant as a remedy. - The effective medicinal concentration that nature has created is only contained in the fresh plant in its uneducated form. Through a gentle pressing process, the ingredients from herbs and vegetables are released and are natural and highly effective in the pressed juice.

Pure nature - Schoenenberger medicinal plant juices are natural, without any added sugar, alcohol, preservatives or other undesirable substances. The active ingredients of the medicinal plant can thus fully develop their naturopathically proven effects.

Schoenenberger medicinal plant juices convince with ...

holistic quality. - Fresh pressed plant juices contain all the natural active ingredients of the plant, the so-called active ingredient ring. In herbal medicine, the totality of the ingredients is fundamentally considered to be highly effective.

good absorption capacity. - The active ingredients are preserved in their natural, dissolved form in the plant sap. This makes it particularly easy for the body to absorb them.

good compatibility. - Schoenenberger medicinal plant juices have practically no side effects. The naturally diluted active ingredients in the juices are gentle on the stomach and intestines.

Nettle juice Schoenenberger medicinal plant juices guarantee ...

absolute freshness. - The medicinal plant juices are obtained from freshly harvested plants that are processed immediately. Since the raw materials are grown around the processing facility, the journey from the field to the bottle takes no longer than a day.

Organic quality. - The raw materials come from our own organic cultivation, from organic contract cultivation or controlled wild collection. Numerous strict controls during processing guarantee the highest quality of all-natural medicinal plant juices.