NETTLE Symbiotics juice 1000ml nettle herb, urtica dioica

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  • Nettle Symbiotics 100% juice is a natural product made with particular care in the direction of preserving the valuable qualities of the raw material and its impeccable cleanliness. Nettle is a valuable source of vitamins, minerals and mineral salts.

Water, extract of nettle leaf (Urtica dioica L.flium), acidity regulator: citric acid.

Nettle Symbiotics 100% juice is a product of the highest quality, which preserves valuable properties nettle and provides our body with a rich source of vitamins, minerals and mineral salts. Nettle is known and appreciated plant, which affects the high resistance of the organism, the health of the urinary tract, cleansing the body of toxins and harmful components of metabolism and acting krwiotwórczo.Among the many beneficial features nettle, it is also worth mentioning the properties of regulating the level of pressure and blood sugar.

The juice of the nettle strengthens the body and shows a diuretic, purifying and regulating many processes in the human body for good health and the human condition.

25ml twice a day at least half an hour before a meal. Shake before use each time.