NEUROLOGES neuralgia drops

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NEUROLOGES neuralgia drops

neuroLoges ®

The areas of application are derived from the homeopathic drug pictures of the individual remedies contained. These include: Nerve pain (neuralgia).
Contains 59% alcohol by volume.

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For NEUROLOGES neuralgia drops information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

neuroLoges ®
Unique and natural therapy for nerve pain

Natural and effective pain relief

Unique homeopathic 3-way combination for nerve pain
Works completely naturally
Very well tolerated

NEUROLOGES neuralgia drops When nerves hurt and pain is annoying!
Nerve pain, which is also known as neuralgia in technical terms, is pain that spreads in the supply area of ​​one or more nerves. The cause of nerve pain can be varied. Often it is mechanical damage that "irritates" the nerves through pressure on them. Inflammation or severed nerves after accidents and operations also lead to pain in the area of ​​the damaged nerves. Most often neuralgia occurs with lumbago or "sciatica" when a pulling and tearing pain radiates to the leg. The causes are usually cramped back muscles, a bulging disc or even a herniated disc. In diabetics, nerve pain occurs very often as part of the so-called diabetic polyneuropathy. Almost every second diabetic suffers from this secondary disease. Fibromyalgia is also associated with nerve pain, mostly in the neck, back, arms, legs and chest.

After infections with herpes zoster viruses, neuralgia occurs as shingles. On the other hand, trigeminal neuralgia is very common in the face.

How is nerve pain expressed?
Typically, the pain in such neuralgia is very intense, felt to be burning and persistent. In addition, there is tenderness on the muscles and nerves in the affected area. Sock- or glove-shaped sensitivity disorders can also occur.

NEUROLOGES neuralgia drops Act on time
Adequate pain therapy and thus an improvement in quality of life are crucial for treatment. It is particularly important to start therapy early in order to prevent the development of a “pain memory”. There is a simple rule: the longer a pain persists, the deeper it digs into the memory and the more difficult it is to treat.

In order to effectively treat nerve pain in a natural way, Dr. Loges has developed a unique, homeopathic 3-way combination. neuroLoges helps with nerve pain reliably, safely and can either be taken alone or together with chemical pain relievers so that they can be reduced. Interactions with other drugs are not to be expected.

Homeopathic medicine to support nerve pain.

NEUROLOGES neuralgia drops Active ingredients

  • 333 mg Citrullus colocynthis D4
  • 333 mg Spigelia anthelmia D4
  • 333 mg Toxicodendron quercifolium D5

NEUROLOGES neuralgia drops Auxiliary materials

  • Ethanol