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Squat Magic is the revolutionary new strength and toning machine that helps you squat with ease. Utilising the calorie-burning and body-sculpting power of the squat, its patent-pending Squat Assistive Technology (S.A.T) guides you on the way down and gently assists you on the way up, helping you to perform a textbook squat every time. Leg workout for mass, all with virtually no strain on your knees! In fact, a Squat Magic squat puts up to 30kg less strain on your joints but still gives you all the amazing benefits!


  • 3 levels of resistance so you can tailor your workout to provide assistance no matter your age or fitness level.
  • Leg workout for mass.
  • Low-impact and easy on the joints because the resistance bands provide support and assistance to make squatting easy for everyone.
  • Work 5 muscle groups in just one move, engaging the glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves and core.
  • Squat Magic is the low impact exercise assistant that helps you squat and transform your bum from saggy to shapely!
  • Patent-pending Squat Assistive Technology and specially engineered tilt feature puts you in the correct position to perform a textbook squat every time.
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    • Dimensions: H 68 x W 26 x L 26 cm 
    • Weight: 2.3kg 
    • Brand: New Image
    • Model: leg workout for mass. 
    • Colour: Grey & Orange
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