Nexcare ColdHot gel pack 11x26cm x 1 piece

3M Health Care

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  • Nexcare coldhot pack. 3M Health Care presents a modern gel pack that will relieve various types of pain. As a warm wrap, it will warm and relax your muscles, and as a cold compress it will cure the burning associated with the bite or pain caused by the sprained ankle.

Wrap Nexcare ColdHot is a convenient and completely safe way to deal with pains of various origins and swelling. The ColdHot type wrapping can be used in two ways - as a cold and warm wrap. The product is reusable, carefully designed gel filling the pack is resistant to low and high temperature, and additionally under the influence of cold does not change its structure. The wrap can be used by both the youngest and the older, regardless of the health condition. Nexcare ColdHot as a warming wraps relaxes the muscles, which leads to the relief of muscle, rheumatic and menstrual pains, while as a cold compress it constricts the blood vessels, thus eliminating toothache, headaches, pain caused by injuries and bites, and edema. The packaging has a convenient protective cover.

Nexcare ColdHot wrapping is very widely used. Ideal as a warming wrap in the case of rheumatic, joint, menstrual, chronic and painful spasms, neck and back pain, cross, and chronic back pain. For use as a cooling pack in the case of: various types of injuries (contusions, knocks, sprains, stretched ligaments), headaches or teeth, knee and elbow joints, as well as edema and swelling, insect bites.

Directions for use:
To obtain a warm wrap, the product should be immersed in hot water (about 80 degrees) for a few minutes and then applied to a painful wrap area wrapped in a cloth or a casing. The wrap should not be applied for more than 20 minutes, and before the next application, a 20-minute break is recommended. To obtain a cold compress, the product should be put in the freezer for a minimum of 2 hours. Wrap the cover in a casing or cloth and place it in a painful place for 20 minutes. Wait at least 20 minutes before next use.