Nexcare ColdHot Mini gel pack 11x12cm x 1 piece

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  • The Nexcare ColdHot Mini Gel Wrap can be used as a cooling or warming wrap, depending on the needs, in pain of various origins and injuries. The big advantage of the product is its reusability.

Nexcare ColdHot Mini can be used in two ways - cooling or warming. The product was made of a safe, non-toxic, blue gel placed in a durable, damage-resistant foil. The product is extremely economical, has a long expiration date, can be used many times. Easy to clean, just clean with soap and water. It is suitable for use regardless of age or discomfort. It is a universal painkiller and anti-swelling agent. When used cold, it shrinks blood vessels, reduces swelling, pain and inflammation. As a compress for warmth, however, it causes the expansion of blood vessels, and thus stimulation of blood circulation, muscle relaxation and, as a result, reduction of pain. Nexcare ColdHot Mini wrapping with dimensions of 11x12cm is extremely plastic, adapts to the application site. The packaging has a special protective cover.

Nexcare ColdHot Mini Wrap is very widely used. Ideal as a warming wrap in the case of rheumatic, joint, menstrual, chronic and painful spasms, neck and back pain, cross, and chronic back pain. For use as a cooling pack in the case of: various types of injuries (contusions, knocks, sprains, stretched ligaments), headaches or teeth, knee and elbow joints, as well as edema and swelling, insect bites.

How to use:
Heat: wrap the Nexcare ColdHot Mini for a few minutes in hot water at a temperature of about 80 ° C. Put the pre-heated wrap in a casing or cloth and place in a sore place for about 20 minutes. After this time, make a 20-minute break and then restart the application. Cold: cool for about 2 hours in the freezer, then put in a casing or wrap with a cloth and apply to the body. The application should last about 20 minutes, before the next one you need to take a 20-minute break.