NEXUS wrist stabilizer with rail 879, wrist support, wrist brace


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  • NEXUS wrist strap with rail catalog no. 879 is a specialist product in universal size, suitable for both left and right hand. Wearing a stabilizer is recommended for injuries requiring strong wrist support.

NEXUS wrist strap with rail No. 879:
Size: Universal. Assigned to right and left hand.

Action and use:
NEXUS wrist strap with rail catalog number 879 is a high quality orthopedic product, a reputable and proven brand, which is indicated mainly for wrist dislocations, tendon inflammation and synovitis. Perfectly supports the wrist, has a properly shaped shape and is easy to use. The product has a universal size that suits each wrist volume and can be used alternately on both left and right hand. The inner part of the stabilizer is made of bamboo which is antiallergic and antibacterial.

The Nexus Stabilizer is a product that works well in all traumas that require strong and stable wrist support. The Nexus Stabilizer is also suitable for use after orthopedic and surgical treatment.

Stabilizer should not be exposed to sun, dust and high humidity. Consult your doctor before use. The stabilizer is to be worn as pictured on the package. Stabilizer manually cleaned in lukewarm water using soap. Do not use bleach and do not spin. The stabilizer should not be ironed, dry-cleaned or chemically cleaned. Dry at room temperature on a towel.