NEYCHON # 68 D 7 ampoules 5X2 ml

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Neychon No.68 D7 Ampoules

  • Thymus: The thymus gland is responsible for an intact immune defence.
  • Pituitary gland: Produces hormones necessary for various body processes.
  • Diencephalon: Regulates the olfactory centre, the autonomic nervous system, the neuroendocrine system and emotional sensations.
  • Spinal cord: Connects the brain and nervous system
  • Adrenal gland: Hormones such as cortisone, cortisol and steroids are produced in the adrenal gland
  • Testes without sperm: The testes produce the male sex hormone testosterone
  • Liver: The liver is the detoxification organ; glucose, protein and fat metabolism also take place in the liver.
  • Pancreas: It regulates the blood sugar level and produces insulin.
  • Musculature: The musculature is important for the movement of the body.
  • Spine: Called the centre of the body, it protects the spinal cord and moves and stabilises the body.
  • Joints: Joints provide mobility in the body.
  • Kidney: The kidney is the excretory organ of the body, also regulates acid-base balance
  • Placenta: The hormones chorionic gondadotropin and corpus luteum are produced in the placenta. Part of the placenta is from the foetus, part from the mother.
  • Gelatinous nucleus of the intervertebral disc: The gelatinous nucleus cushions vibrations of the spine so that mobility is given.

A therapy with Neychon No. 68 D7 ampoules should always be accompanied by a doctor.