NEYDIL No. 66 Revitorgan Dil.D 4 per ampoule vet. 5X2 ml tumor diseases

vitOrgan Arzneimittel GmbH

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NeyDil ® No. 66 D4 per ampoule vet. tumor diseases

Focus: Support with tumor diseases.

Organ active ingredients contained: Extractum lyophilisatum ex diencephalon lysate. bovis fetal. (5%) et placenta lysate. bovis mat. (10%) et funiculus umbilicalis lysate. bovis fetal. (10%) et glandula thymi lysate. suis juv. (10%) et epiphysis lysate. suis juv. (10%) et testes lysate. bovis juv. (2%) et glandula suprarenalis lysate. suis juv. (5%) et glandula thyreoidea lysat. suis juv. (5%) et medulla ossium lysate. bovis fetal. (5%) et pulmo lysate. bovis fetal. (5%) et hepar lysate. bovis fetal. et juv. (1: 1) (10%) et pancreas lysate. bovis juv. (10%) et ren lysate. bovis fetal. et juv. (1: 1) (3%) et lien lysate. bovis fetal. (5%) et tunica mucosa intestini tenuis lysate. bovis fetal. et mucosa intestini crassi lysate. bovis fetal. (1: 1) (5%) Dil. D4.

1 pack contains 5 x 2ml ampoules.
Method of application and duration of application: For subcutaneous and intramuscular injection.

NEYDIL No. 66 Revitorgan Dil.D 4 tumor diseases Dosage:
2 ml sc, in
2 ml sc, in
large parrots
0.5–1 ml in
carrier pigeons
0.5–1 ml in

NeyDIL No. 66 D4 per vet. is given 2 to 3 times a week in dogs and cats. For large pet birds (large parrots, carrier pigeons) 3 times a week.
One week of treatment with injections can be followed by an 8 to 10-day treatment phase with oral administration.

The product range of the vitOrgan drug group includes 16 different biomolecular organ homeopathic drugs in a D4 with 7.5 x 10 -6 g / ml active ingredient for injection for the veterinary sector.

NEYDIL No. 66 Revitorgan Dil.D 4 tumor diseases. Since these are registered homeopathic medicinal products, they are only available from a pharmacy. Veterinarians with dispensing rights can order the injection preparations directly here. For all other therapists, injection preparations can be ordered from pharmacies. Pharmacy prices may vary.

Warning noticeFor information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your veterinarian or pharmacist.