Night anti-wrinkle cream 50ml, anti wrinkle cream


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  • At night, (anti wrinkle cream) skin needs intensive nourishment and regeneration. In view of mature skin complexion we have created Profarm night cream anti-wrinkle, which provides its nourishing ingredients and eliminating signs of aging.

Active ingredients:
Argan oil, panthenol, vitamin E.

Deep reduction of wrinkles, intense hydration, lubrication and smoothing - and already after the first application! These effects get the anti-wrinkle cream Profarm. Argan oil pure enriched with vitamin E and panthenol highly moisturizes, panthenol further positive influence on the reconstruction and regeneration of the skin. Regular use of the cream are five steps to a beautiful, rejuvenated skin. The formulation provides effective protection of the anti-wrinkle, hydrates profoundly accelerates the natural process of recovery of cells, it improves the connection and reduces the visible signs of aging skin and fatigue. Cream nicely absorbed and leaves a delicate scent on the skin.

Anti-wrinkle cream at night is recommended for daily care of all skin types, especially mature skin with visible signs of loss of firmness.

Additional information:
The cream does not contain parabens.

not be used in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the cream.

How to use:
Apply the cream to cleansed skin every evening.