NILTAC, medical adhesive remover spray

ConvaTec (Germany) GmbH

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NILTAC, medical adhesive remover spray

pack size:50ml Dosage form:spray

For painless removal of ostomy supplies or wound dressings.

Non-irritating medical adhesive remover

Niltac™ is based on silicone technology, is hypoallergenic and contains no alcohol, allowing pain-free removal of the ostomy appliance or wound dressing.

Niltac™ Spray gently releases the baseplate or dressing from the skin, even with very strong adhesion.

NILTAC, medical adhesive remover spray Application
Spray ConvaTec™ around the edge of the patch and wait a few seconds.

Gently peel the patch away from the skin, you may also use ConvaTec™ Niltac™ to aid in removal.

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