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  • NISITA nasal ointment is a preparation characterized by moisturizing and soothing properties against the nasal mucosa. It regulates humidity and prevents it from drying out, and has an irritating effect.

100 g of ointment contains: 2.8 g sodium chloride, 7.2 g sodium bicarbonate. Other ingredients: Lanolin, lemon oil, white petrolatum, triglycerides, paraffin path, cetostearyl alcohol

The preparation is one of the broad class of compound suitable for topical administration. Contained components have moisturizing and soothing properties, which effectively remove the nose dryness. Allow to regulate the moisture content corresponding to the standard of the nasal mucosa, while it clear the blockage. Formulation prevents przesychaniu mucosa and protects against environmental factors. Accelerates the regeneration process of the nasal mucous membrane after surgery.

applying to moisten the nasal mucosa and alleviate the symptoms of the dehydration. Also indicated after surgery.

Use intranasally, by applying 1-2 doses for both nasal cavities. Repeat this several times a day.