NIVEROSIN x 30 tablets, blood vessels of the body, arteries veins and capillaries


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  • NIVEROSIN is a dietary supplement that has a sealing and strengthening blood vessels and reduces the tendency to the formation of the so-called. "Spiders".

Diosmin 300 mg, 50 mg rutoside, Hesperidin 50 mg Vitamin PP 24 mg, vitamin C 160 mg, vitamin K2 75 mcg.

The preparation belongs to the broad category of complex dietary supplements. It contains ingredients cause the seal and strengthen blood vessels, reduce vascular fragility and their tendency to crack.Limited tendency for so-called. spider veins. Preparation normąfunkcjonowanie assisted in accordance with the vascular system.

Use within supplementation of vascular skin.

Take orally at a dose of 1 tabl./24h