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NOBILIN fat blocker tablets 60 pcs

Medicom Pharma GmbH

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NOBILIN fat blocker. The natural fiber complex - Ficuntin® - contained in NOBILIN FETT-BLOCKER, obtained from plants, prevents part of the fat from being absorbed into the body in a natural way. You can lose weight more effectively than dieting alone.

• to reduce the calorie intake from dietary fats
• to control weight and reduce obesity
• suitable for vegetarians and vegans


NOBILIN fat blockerdoes not contain any flavor enhancers, preservatives or colorings and is free from lactose, iodine, gluten and cholesterol. NOBILIN fat blocker is produced on a natural basis and is free from animal raw materials.

NOBILIN fat blocker MEDICAL DEVICE: Please read the package insert. For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

NOBILIN fat blocker Good to know: The insoluble fibers in NOBILIN fat blocker bind fat from food in the stomach and form a voluminous fat-fiber complex. The water-soluble fibers in NOBILIN fat blocker form a liquid gel that surrounds the fat-fiber complex. The so-stabilized fat-fiber complex is not influenced by the different pH values ​​in the stomach and intestines and is not absorbed in the intestine, but naturally excreted with the stool. This will reduce the calorie intake from dietary fats.

NOBILIN fat blocker Contains / contains:
Ficuntin® - a patented fiber complex of vegetable origin from Opuntia ficus indiva (prickly pear)