Noni fruit juice, NONI VITA juice 1000ml

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Noni fruit juice, NONI VITA is juice, the use of which is responsible for stimulating the body's natural defense mechanisms. In addition, it improves mood and adds vitality. Noni fruit juice positively affects the functioning of the body.

Noni fruit juice Composition:
100% Noni fruit juice.

The preparation belongs to a wide category of natural food supplements. It consists of 100% juice from Noni fruits known for their beneficial properties for the body. Increases vitality, regenerates (including hair and skin), improves mood, relieves symptoms of depression. First of all, it stimulates the body's natural defense mechanisms, thus increasing immunity.

Use to strengthen the body, especially during the autumn and winter, intensive work, stress and low mood.

Take orally at a dose of 4 teaspoons x 2 / 24h before eating.