NOREVA Trio A depigmenting emulsion

Laboratoires Noreva GmbH

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NOREVA Trio A depigmenting emulsion

pack size:30ml Dosage form:emulsion

Trio A depigmenting emulsion
Against brown spots as part of pregnancy, the pill, acne, skin aging, after burns, chemical peeling, laser therapy and dermatological interventions.


Active NOREVA Trio A depigmenting emulsion ingredients:

Licorice Root Extract with 40% Glabridin 0.1%
Ammonium Lactate 9%
Citric Acid 1%
Micronized Titanium Dioxide 2% Fat Content

NOREVA Trio A depigmenting emulsion Indications:

Brown spots
as part of:
Skin aging
Acne Taking
After burns
After laser therapy
After chemical peels
After inflammation
Contact with light -sensitive
or medication
Licorice root extract with 40% glabridin has depigmenting properties recognized for
its tyrosinase-inhibiting effect . Fruit acids reduce the adhesion of the horny cells to the skin and support the natural desquamation

Application note:
For optimal effectiveness, Trio White® night care should be used in addition to Trio A®.
After three months, you can switch to an AHA preparation (Alpha KM, Alphacid) that is appropriate for your skin type instead of Trio A®