Normal ETIAXIL 100 ml, how to stop excessive sweating


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  • Etiaxil Normal is the antiperspirant to control excessive sweating feet. For normal skin - marked on the packaging in red.

Alcohol deceased, aluminum chloride, dimethicone copolyol.

Etiaxil this antiperspirant to control excessive sweating feet. For normal skin - marked on the packaging in red.

Etiaxil should be used when typical antiperspirants are not effective enough.
2 applications - 7 days protection Information. Sweating is a natural function of the body and provides its thermal balance.Nevertheless, too profuse sweating is uncomfortable. The active compounds Etiaxilu ensure optimum effectiveness slowdown sweating feet to prevent odor and preventing anti-bacterial.

Properties Etiaxilu:
• extremely practical - does not require daily use because of the prolonged duration of action.
• The preparation is odorless and can be used with the rest of your favorite cosmetics: deodorants, eaux de toilette ...
• does not stain clothing (absorbed when we sleep, and after the morning bath no longer feel his presence, but the effect of a slowdown sweat has been reached)
• effective and efficient (one pack is enough for more than two months)
• systematic use of the preparation for the foot also helps prevent the formation of odparzaniu and nagging ringworm.

Please very carefully observe the instructions below to get the maximum effect.
Etiaxil lotion should be applied at night before going to sleep when the sweat glands are less active.
Use only on clean and completely dry skin of the feet (if necessary, to dry use hairdryer). Any damage to the skin should be protected with waterproof plaster. The preparation should be rubbed on the bottoms of the feet and if necessary also in the skin of the toes. After applying you have to let the skin completely dry!
After application, for an hour to avoid situations that might cause sweating, and the next morning wash feet gently with soap and water
Do not use the product again in the morning.

Warning: Do not use Etiaxilu on damp or irritated or damaged skin.

Frequency of use:
In the initial phase should be used Etiaxil every night to achieve the desired effect
(usually 2-3 days).
Then apply 1-2 times a week to keep the intensity of the secretion of sweat under control.
If you have sensitive skin, use Etiaxil every other evening (6 days), and then 1-2 times a week

Do not apply to children without medical advice.
Problems with hyperhydrosis rare in children before puberty.

Tested only on volunteers (not tested on animals).