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Nosko NASAL ASPIRATOR x 1 piece

Salveo Pharma

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  • NASAL ASPIRATOR. Stuffy nose prevents toddlers breathing, feeding and restful sleep. Babies and small children are not able to independently wysmarkać nose, it is best to use for this purpose a safe, effective and painless nasal aspirator Nosko.

Two tips for cleaning the nose - for children under 6 months of age; for children over 6 months old and a cleaning brush the tip of the nose.

Simple to use and easy to clean nasal aspirator is a medical device Nosko® necessary if we want our child to breathe freely. Aspirator can be connected to a home vacuum cleaner. Regardless of the suction aspirator is removed secretions of the nose at a constant, invariable pressure. This makes it safe for the mucosa and it does not irritate. The package is a set of two interchangeable tips tailored to the child's age, so that aspirator can be used very long. The product is easy to spread, quick to wash with a brush, which is in the package and easy to use, and most importantly, removes secretions as painless for children.

Nosko® nasal aspirator intended for cleaning the nose of retained secretions. Rhinitis with recommended (with the front or rear leakage secretion) in difficulty in breathing and issue loud sounds during breathing; in recurrent acute inflammation of the middle ear. You can apply from the first day of life.

Additional information :
The product does not contain BPA.

How to use:
Before first use, read the label. The baby lay in a comfortable position so that it can not alone change the position. Nostril spray or spray dropwise saline to help moisturize mucosa. Keep in mind never to apply the solution to the two holes at once, always alone. To plug one hole, and insert the other end of the aspirator, turn on the vacuum cleaner and suck residual secretions. After finishing the treatment turn off the vacuum cleaner, disconnect aspirator and rinse in hot water, while the tip cleaned with a brush supplied.