NOVA T 380 x 1 piece, prevents pregnancy, birth control

Schering AG

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  • Birth control, Prevents pregnancy. NOVA T 380 is a copper intrauterine device that prevents pregnancy due to influencing the sperm, egg cell and its transport to the fallopian tube.

copper, silver, barium sulphate, iron oxide; active total area 380 mm2

The preparation belongs to a wide category of contraceptives, birth control. It is characterized by high effectiveness and in combination with contraceptive pills reduces the likelihood of pregnancy in up to 1 in 200 cases. The use of an intrauterine device prevents pregnancy due to the impact on the sperm, the egg and its transport to the fallopian tube.

- pregnancy or suspicion
- a high probability of occurrence of inflammation of the reproductive organ
- inflammation of the uterus in the period of 3 months after the birth or abortion
- vaginal bleeding of unknown etiology
- abundant menstruation
- anemia
- myoma

Use intrauterine. The spiral should be established by a doctor or midwife regardless of the day of the cycle.