Novofine needles 8mm/30g pack of 100

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Novofine needles 8mm/30g pack of 100

NOVOFINE 8 cannulas 0.30x8 mm 30 G thinwall

NovoFine needles are designed for use with Novo Nordisk injection devices. These cannulas are ground, polished and silicone-coated to an ultra-sharp point. This enables them to be injected gently. 

NovoFine 6 mm and 8 mm needles can be used with any Novo Nordisk injection device. The Innovo is not suitable for the use of 12 mm cannulas; these would bend if the protective cap of the Innovo was closed if the needle remained on the device. Notes on the injection technique:

With NovoFine 6 mm, there is usually no skin folds. We recommend injecting the insulin slowly, otherwise additional pain may occur during the injection due to the pressure build-up in the tissue. 

After the injection, the cannula should remain in the tissue for at least 6, better still 10 seconds, to achieve pressure equalization. Without this compensation, the insulin can flow back to the surface of the skin and thus fail to work. By the way, when using the Innovo, the patient is shown on the digital display how long the needle should remain in the skin for a full injection.

NovoFine® 8mm 30g TW injection needles

These needles are for single use with Novo Nordisk injection systems. Sterility is only guaranteed if the protective flap is undamaged.

Do not bend or otherwise damage hypodermic needles before use.