NovoPen 6 silver - insulin pen

Novo Nordisk Pharma GmbH

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NovoPen 6 silver - insulin pen / 1 piece

The new age of insulin injection - NovoPen® 6 Can

only be used for insulins from Novo Nordisk (3 ml penfill)

The new NovoPen® 6 smartpen automatically saves data on the injection times and the respective doses. The NovoPen® 6 allows quick, clear and simple integration of data in apps (mySugr) and diabetes management systems (diasend from Glooko, Accu-Chek SmartPix, SiDiary from Sinovo) and can therefore also be transferred to the practice computer.

- The dose and time since the last injection are displayed on the device
- Automatic storage of the injection history for the last 3 months (the last 800 injections)
- Wireless transmission of the injection data via Near Field Communication Technology (NFC) to smartphone and computer in the practice
- Combination of blood sugar profiles and insulin data enables more targeted and individual therapy
- No battery change, no charging
- 3 year guarantee
- Environmentally

friendly , as it is reusable NovoPen® 6 - individual insulin management:
Reliable digital injection information helps the diabetes team to further improve the individual therapy.

- Maximum dose: 60 units
Dose increments : 1 unit

Why switch to a smartpen?

It can be difficult to record your insulin dose regularly. Every now and then it gets lost in everyday life to note down exact dosages and the respective injection time. However, these data are required when visiting a doctor to optimize therapy.