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  • NOVOPHANE NAIL CREAM. NOVOPHANE cream to the nail cosmetic product as strengthening, and tend to the. Elasticity, nourishes and hydrates the nail plate, definitely improving its appearance.

Petroleum jelly, ozokerite and beeswax, glycerin and urea, squalene, lecithin (phospholipid) - an analog of natural cholesterol, almond oil - provides oleic acid, panthenol, vitamin E, biotin

The product is a cream intended for topical use. They belong to the category demokosmetyków. Perfectly affects the state of damaged nails. It contains glycerin and urea penetrate the nail plate, improving her condition. Squalene penetrates into the surface layers of the nail plate. Almond oil is a source of oleic acid. Panthenol is responsible for the stimulation of nail growth processes. Lecithin (phospholipids) is an analog of the natural cholesterol and oils perfectly. Vitamin E and biotin work stimulate nail growth and promote its strengthening. The cream nourishes and hydrates nails, while increasing their flexibility.

- Hypersensitivity to the preparation Components

It is recommended to use the product in case of damaged, dry, splitting nails.

used topically. Spread a small amount of cream on the nails, gently massaging. Repeat this every day. Product can be used also for nails painted.