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NOVOZYMES, High probiotic easy digest foods


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ALLNUTRITION, NOVOZYMES Probiotic Easy Digest 30 capsules


NOVOZYMES, High probiotic easy digest foods

ALLNUTRITION PROBIOTIC EASY DIGEST is a combination of EASY DIGEST digestive enzymes and the patented NOVOZYMES formula, as well as 3 strains of LAB2PRO™ lactic acid bacteria. The probiotic was created to improve digestion processes, relieve excessive flatulence, heartburn and discomfort after large meals.

NOVOZYMES, High probiotic easy digest foods, Who is ALLNUTRITION PROBIOTIC EASY DIGEST for?

PROBIOTIC EASY DIGEST is suitable for all people who need support in the digestion process. Its health properties will be appreciated by people with digestive system disorders and a weakened immune system. Additionally, taking a probiotic is crucial when taking antibiotics, which can destroy both harmful and beneficial bacteria in the gut.