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The benefits of Neurexan
  • Studies have confirmed the effectiveness of Neurexan in alleviating symptoms of nervousness, restlessness, daytime fatigue, and sleep disorders. ...
  • Neurexan reduces the stress reaction in stress-relevant brain regions of the central nervous system.

Registered homeopathic medicine, therefore without specifying a therapeutic indication. Waiting time: Not applicable.

For information about risks and side effects, read the package leaflet and ask your veterinarian or pharmacy. Heel GmbH, 76532 Baden-Baden

• Biological veterinary medicine to support restlessness, stress and nervousness
• Well tolerated
• No known interactions
• Easy to use
• Natural ingredients
• Made in Germany

• Year-round relevance due to a wide variety of stress triggers, such as visits to the vet , noises or noise, moving and car rides (travel)
• Strongly increasing relevance before New Year's Eve

Just peace and quiet with Nurexan ad us. vet.
Everyday life can also be stressful for dogs and cats. Visits to the vet, noise and noise, moving or new families are just a few examples that can cause stress, restlessness or nervousness in four-legged friends. Pet owners can do a lot to support their animals in such stressful situations. The general rule when dealing with a stressed animal is: just keep calm! Because four-legged friends also react very sensitively to the behavior of people. If the pet is stressed frequently, it is advisable to find out what is causing the stress or nervousness and whether this cause can be eliminated. In any case, if stress persists, the veterinarian should be involved. Only the veterinarian can make a clear diagnosis and, if necessary, initiate appropriate treatment. One way to support pets with stress, restlessness and nervousness is with biological veterinary medicines.

Biological veterinary medicines: effective and tolerable
If a pet is ill, many different switching points and receptors are involved in the body's reaction triggered by the illness. This is exactly where Heel Vet's biological veterinary medicines come in: they were developed as combination preparations that are put together depending on the specific area of ​​application. They consist of several individual substances (multicomponent) and act simultaneously in numerous parts of the body (multitarget) in order to sustainably address the causes of an illness.
Instead of administering a large number of different individual medications, Heel medicines can also be used to treat or support complex illnesses with few side effects and in accordance with the body's natural processes.

Pay attention to the addition ad us. vet.
According to European Medicines Law, medications for animals must be labeled as such. Preparations with the addition “ad us. vet.” (Latin abbreviation for “ad usum veterinarium”) are medicines “for veterinary use” and are therefore registered or approved specifically for animals. Ask your veterinarian about Nurexan ad us. vet., the biological veterinary medicine from Heel Vet.

Warning noticeFor information about risks and side effects, read the package leaflet and ask your veterinarian or pharmacy.