Nutramil complex Protein Vanilla x 6 sachets

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  • Nutramil complex Protein. Protein sachets. low-residue diet high protein and high energy Nutramil Protein complex is indicated for use in patients who have an increased need for protein, and because of the disease are not able to deliver it in the right amounts.

Maltodextrin, corn, whey protein concentrate (from milk), calcium caseinate (from milk), whey protein isolate (from milk), vegetable oils (rapeseed oil 63%, oil in Medium-fatty acids (MCT) 37%), flavors, stabilizers - hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, talc, polyethylene glycol; bisglycinate, calcium, potassium salts of phosphoric acid, bisglycinate, magnesium chloride, sodium emulsifier - lecithin (soybean); sodium citrate, sweeteners - acesulfame K, sucralose, saccharin; L-ascorbic acid - vitamin C, bisglycinate, zinc bisglycinate iron (II) acetate, DL-alpha-tocopheryl acid - vitamin E; manganese gluconate, nicotinamide - niacin, sodium selenate (IV), retinyl acetate - vitamin A, antioxidant - a mixture of tocopherols, gluconate, copper (II), D-calcium pantothenate - pantothenic acid, D-biotin, cyanocobalamin - vitamin B12, cholecalciferol - Vitamin D, folic acid (folic acid) - folate, pyridoxine hydrochloride - vitamin B6, phylloquinone (phytomenadione) - vitamin K, riboflavin - vitamin B2, thiamine mononitrate - vitamin B1, chromium chloride (III) and its hexahydrate, potassium iodide, molybdate ( VI), sodium pigment - titanium dioxide.

The nutritional value in one portion - 200ml (the content of one sachet dissolved in 150 ml of water): energy value - 1254kJ / 300kcal fat - 10.7g, including: saturates - 4.8 g, oil in Medium-fatty acids (MCT) - 4.0 g, carbohydrates - 32,2g, including sugars - 3.9 g of lactose <0,058g, fiber - 0g, protein - 18.8g salt - 0.43g. Nutrient content per serving: Vitamin A - 160mcg (RE), vitamin D - 5mcg vitamin E - 4 mg (alpha-TE), vitamin K - 15mcg, vitamin C - 16 mg vitamin B1 - 0,22mg, vitamin B2 - 0 , 28mg, niacin - 3,2mg (NE), vitamin B6 - 0,28mg, folic acid - 40mcg, vitamin B12 - 0,5mcg, biotin - 10mcg, pantothenic acid - 1,2mg. Minerals: sodium - 170mg, potassium - 349mg, chlorides - 160mg, Calcium - 360mg, phosphorus - 140 mg, Magnesium (Chelated Albion®) - 45mg iron (chelate with Albion®) - 1.5 mg zinc (with chelate Albion ®) - 2mg, copper - 200mcg, manganese - 0.4mg, molybdenum - 10,5mcg, selenium - 22mcg, chrome - 8mcg, iodine - 30mcg. Osmolarity - 290mOsm / l.

The composition of nutrients at an affordable powder for the finished meal. Nutramil Protein complex with a delicious vanilla flavor is a dietary supplement in patients who have a problem with providing the right amount of nutrients in the form of regular meals. The formulation is an excellent protein source (calcium caseinate, whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate), carbohydrate (maltodextrin, corn) and fats (long chain triglycerides (LCT), essential fatty acids, triglycerides of medium chain length (MCT)), and micro- and macroelements (partially in a highly bioavailable amino acid chelates Albion) and vitamins.

Dietary food for special medical purposes Nutramil Protein complex vanilla intended for use in the dietary management of cancer patients, patients debilitated disease, and in other cases increased protein requirements. The product is also intended for people at risk of malnutrition or with emerging signs of malnutrition.

Additional information:
The product contains sugars, sweeteners and ingredients derived from soybeans. It is not a sole source of food, do not use parenterally. Gluten-free, clinically free of lactose. Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the powder. Do not use with galactosemia.

How to use:
Use under medical supervision. Unless determined individual allowance, it is recommended to use 1-3 sachets per day, or 200-600ml prepared meal. To prepare 200ml portions need one sachet preparation and 150ml boiled water (room temperature). Mix well and drink immediately after preparation. Do not exceed recommended servings for consumption during the day.

Net Weight: 432g (6 x 72g).