NUTRIDRINK forest fruit flavor 4 x 125ml

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  • NUTRIDRINK forest fruit flavor is tasty, milky fluid that given to the sick or convalescent, clearly nourishes and provides energy and essential nutrients.

100 ml of fluid comprises: energy 240kcal, 9.3 g fat (including saturated acids 0.9, 29,7g carbohydrates (including sugars 15.0g, lactose <0.5g, 0g fiber, protein 9.6 salt 0.24 g, 240μg vitamin A, vitamin D 1,8μg, vitamin E 3.0mg alpha-TE / ET, 13μg vitamin K, thiamine 0,40mg, 0,40mg riboflavin, niacin (NE 4,3mg / EN) 2,2mg, 1,3mg pantothenic acid, vitamin B6 0,40mg, 64μg folic acid, vitamin B12 0,70μg, 9,6μg biotin, vitamin C, 24 mg, 96mg In, K 236mg, Cl 91mg, Ca 174mg, P 174mg, 33mg mg, 3.8mg Fe, Zn 2,9mg, 0,43mg Cu, Mn 0,80mg, M 0,20mg, Mo 24μg, Se 14μg, Cr 16μg, I 32μg. Osmolarity 790m osmol / l.

Nutridrink forest fruit flavor this product is used as a supplement to your daily diet during illness or during convalescence. It effectively replaces the traditional diet, perfectly satisfying hunger and providing necessary for the proper functioning of the body substances (eg. Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals). A source of energy. It supports the body fight disease and relieving symptoms of malnutrition. Nutridrink forest fruit flavor is a liquid of high calorific value (1.5 kcal / ml).

- hypersensitivity Components fluid (such as cow's milk).
- use in children under 3 years of age
- galactosemia
- fructosemia

Fluid should be used as a supplement to the traditional diet or as a complete diet in patients before and after surgery, during recovery, as well as suffering from Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's, Huntington's and other dementia syndromes, disorders chewing and swallowing, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, also indicated by eating disorders and increased demand for energy and protein.

For oral use. As part of the dietary supplement it is recommended to use the product packaging 1-3 / 24 (300-900 kcal). As a complete diet can be administered 5 - 7 packs / 24h (1500-2100 kcal). It should receive the product after cooling. It is recommended to drink it slowly (1 pack of 0,5-1h) between meals.