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NUTROF Total x 30 capsules positively affects the functioning of the eye

Laboratoires Thea

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  • NUTROF is a dietary supplement that contained thanks to its ingredients positively affects the functioning of the eye. It protects against free radicals.

(1 capsule): vitamin A (retinol palmitate) 0.8 mg, 0.0014 g of thiamine, riboflavin 0.0016 g, 0.002 g pyridoxine, folic acid 0,2 mg ascorbic acid 0.06 g, tocopherol 0 01 g, 0.018 g niacin, vitamin B12 0.001 mg zinc 0.0075 g, 0.01 g of magnesium, manganese, 0.001 g, 0.025 mg selenium, 0.001 g of copper, glutathione 0.001 g, 20% lutein 0.015 g

The preparation belongs to the broad category of complex dietary supplements. It provides the body with valuable vitamins and minerals, which have a positive impact on the functioning of the eye.Vitamin A, C, E, B vitamins, zinc, copper, selenium, manganese and magnesium protects the eyes from the destructive effects of free radicals and help maintain visual acuity. Included in the lutein easily they assimilate and beneficial effect on the process of view. Pack is for five weeks.

It is recommended to use the product for prevention of eye diseases (such as macular degeneration, cataracts).

For oral use in adults and adolescents over 12 years of age at a dose of 1 kaps./24h.