NUX VOMICA D 6 globules

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Nux Vomica D 6 Globuli
Areas of application:
Registered, homeopathic medicinal product, therefore no therapeutic indication is given.

Active ingredient: Strychnos nux-vomica (homeoph.)

NUX VOMICA Active ingredients

  • Strychnos nux-vomica in homeopathic dilution

NUX VOMICA Auxiliary materials

  • Sucrose

Homeopathic medicinal product, therefore without a therapeutic indication.

What does nux vomica treat?
  • digestive problems such as constipation, bloating, heartburn, and nausea.
  • male infertility and impotence.
  • colds and flus, particularly in the early stages of the virus.
  • allergies.
  • back pain.
  • irritability, impatience, and high sensitivity to stimuli, caused by stress or mental strain.
  • headaches and migraines symptoms such as a sore scalp, frontal pain, light sensitivity, or stomach problems
  • hangovers
  • menstrual problems
  • insomnia

NUX VOMICA Contains sucrose.