NUXE Merveillance expert Nuit regenerating night cream reduces visible wrinkles 50ml


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  • NUXE Merveillance expert Nuit is a cosmetic that reduces wrinkles, regenerates the skin during its nightly rest, and on awakening provides the effect of a rested and radiant complexion. It contains the Oléoactif complex based on daylily and bark from the Jedwabne Tree

Active ingredients:
Complex Oléoactif based crinoids and bark of the tree Silk extract, kelp

NUXE Merveillance expert Nuit is a highly regenerating and caring night cream that works on many levels: it reduces visible wrinkles, supports the reconstruction of skin that is floppy, lacking elasticity and radiant appearance, and ensures its optimal level of hydration. The recipe of the cream was based on natural ingredients of plant origin, headed by the Oléoactif complex - containing Lilyowiec and Kora from the Jedwabne Tree. This specialized complex contributes to a significant inhibition of the aging process of skin building proteins: vimentin, collagen and elastin, which in effect provides the skin with proper firming and shallowing the wrinkles. The effectiveness of the Nuxe Merveillance expert Nuit cream has been confirmed under dermatological control.

NUXE Merveillance expert Nuit regenerating night cream helps to eliminate visible wrinkles, relaxes the skin and ensures its youthful appearance every day. The cream is recommended for skin lacking firmness, aging and devoid of radiant appearance.

Directions for use:
Apply Merveillance expert night cream, after applying Merveillance expert. If you want to get the maximum nutrition effect, blend Merveillance expert night cream and a few drops of Huile Prodigieuse on your hand.