NUXE Rose Petal Micellar foam for face clean 150ml


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  • Micellar face clean cream for all sensitive skin types. It cleans the complexion very subtly and does not cause irritation. It contains 89% ingredients of natural origin - including surface-active micelles.

Flower water from petals of Damascus Rose, allantoin and plant glycerine, surfactant micelles of natural origin. It does not contain alcohol, soap and parabens.

Micellar foam for face clean, designed for all types of sensitive skin - from normal to mixed. The innovative foam contains ultra-delicate, surfactant micelles of natural origin and floral water from the petals of Rózża Damasceńska, allantoin and plant glycerin. The fragrance note does not contain allergens, and the whole is not devoid of alcohol, soap and parabens that can irritate the complexion.

Gentle cleansing of the face. For all types of sensitive skin.

Apply: Morning / or in the evening. Apply to lightly moisturized skin, gently massaging. Rinse with water.