NUXE Splendieuse Intensive serum reducing skin discoloration 30ml


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  • NUXE Splendieuse Intensive skin serum with pigment imperfections is a cosmetic whose active ingredients help to reduce all kinds of discoloration and activate skin glow. The effect is visible after only 2 weeks of use!

Active ingredients:
porcelain rose, white crocus, vitamin C. The product does not contain parabens.

NUXE Splendieuse is an absolute hit in the Nuxe cosmetics family, which offers our online pharmacy! A series dedicated to women whose skin requires a spectacular brightening of discolorations and, as a result, their total reduction in favor of health and beauty of all ages. Perfectly selected active ingredients, among which we will find: porcelain roses, white crocus and vitamin C will help reduce the size, and visibility of all kinds of imperfections on the background of pigmentation, which include: acne spots, hormonal discoloration and after tanning. In addition, after each application of the serum, the skin takes on a healthy glow and looks really good! You will notice the first effects just after 2 weeks from the first application, and after 12 weeks the size of the discoloration is significantly reduced. Non-cedogenic product.

Intensive skin care with discoloration.

Directions for use:
Apply on the morning and evening in the face, neck and cleavage. Steer around the eyes.