NUXE SUN Sun lotion for the face and body SPF20 150ml


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  • Nuxe Sun lotion for face and body, is an exclusive cosmetic containing UVA / UVB with SPF20 factor - the average protection. In addition, due to the presence of unique flower extracts, cosmetics also provides protection for anti-aging skin cells.

Contains a unique flower extracts. It does not contain alcohol. It does not contain additional preservatives.

Nuxe Sun lotion for face and body SPF20 - Medium security, a photostable cosmetic with UVA / UVB, which not only protects against adverse effects of solar radiation but by the content of unique flower extracts, cosmetic This also gives protection for anti-aging (aging stability) skin cells. Cosmetics also helps to maintain optimal hydration of the skin during exposure to the sun giving her comfort and protection you need.

Nuxe Sun lotion for face and body SPF20 - medium protection, recommended for daily sunscreen skin of the face and body.

How to use:
Apply evenly before sun exposure. Often repeat the application, especially after bathing and after wiping with a towel. Imposition of insufficient preparation significantly reduces the level of protection. Do not spray directly on face, protect your eyes.

Warning! Excessive sun exposure is dangerous. Avoid exposure in the middle of the day. The product does not provide 100% protection.